Virtual IHS 52 – a message from IHS President Andrew Pelletier

Hello to one and all!

I do hope you are all safe, sound, and healthy! By now, it seems like I’ve made my way through almost all of the horn’s etude repertoire (I’m a crazed etude lover), but, luckily, there always seems to be a new volume I haven’t experienced, and, with time on my hands in quarantine, I’m getting the chance to work through them all!

As you are all aware, from the IHS website as well as the last e-newsletter, we are all crushed by the necessity of canceling IHS52 in Eugene. I would, however, like to take this opportunity to announce a ray of sunshine in this cloudy time! Immediately after we made the necessary decision to cancel, members of the Advisory Council came forward with ideas of how we can still provide an inspirational and educational experience for the horn community, just not face-to-face. We’ve set right to work on this, and I am delighted to announce that we will be creating an online platform for approved presentations of IHS52!

Though we would all agree that there is nothing that compares to our annual Symposia and the great personal experiences they always are, the Advisory Council felt strongly that we did not want to have a blank year in our wonderful history of summer workshops. Overseen by our stupendous host, Lydia Van Dreel, and curated by past President Jeff Snedeker, we hope to create a digital experience that can provide, at least, a portion of the inspiration, fun and excitement that can fuel our passion for the horn and its music for the coming year. Now, this will be a work in progress, and it is certainly a first for the IHS, so watch for more information and announcements as the logistics are finalized. Jeff Snedeker will be contacting approved presenters to solicit content, and we are hoping to have this digital workshop up and ready for you by August; when we would be meeting in Eugene.

It is also my hope that these presentations will begin to create a digital library of educational materials for the IHS; assisting the work of the Educational Resources Committee, which we recently formed to spearhead new ways the IHS can provide such informative resources for educators of all levels. This has been a passion and hope of mine since I was elected President, and I’m excited to see it start to take shape!

I want to express my sincerest thanks to all involved in this new endeavor, especially web guru Dan Phillips, Lydia Van Dreel, Jeff Snedeker, the Educational Resources Committee, and the entire IHS Advisory Council. Though nothing can take the place of the camaraderie of horn players in mass groups (like the extraordinary “Wake the Dragon” event in Ghent!), I am VERY excited that we are able to offer this to you! Be well, and more to come on this–keep a look out for it!



Andrew Pelletier
President, IHS