IHS 52 Performance Competitions

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IHS Awards and Performance Contests

The information below pertains to all IHS Awards and Contest Programs. Please read this information before completing any application material.

Applications for all IHS awards and contests are available online or by contacting the IHS Executive Director. All application materials should be sent to Julia Burtscher, Executive Director, by email at, or by completing the appropriate online application.

The preferred language for applications is English; however, an applicant whose native language is not English may submit applications in his/her native language, with an English translation. Applicants may seek and receive outside assistance in completing this translation, but versions in both languages must be submitted.

Recorded materials for all IHS contests and awards must be in MP3 Audio. Other formats may be converted for transmission to the judges but may lose quality in the process.

Previous first prize winners of IHS Awards and performance contests are ineligible to participate in the same award or contest. All awards must be used in the year they are awarded. Awards including IHS memberships will include a membership extension for current members.

The International Horn Society reserves the right to cancel competitions or withhold one or more awards if, in the opinion of the judges, conditions warrant such action.